Sunday, 24 April 2011


Some more artists I have discovered who use taxidermy in the art work. Not for the same reasons as Angela Singer Im sure, and some even do their own taxidermy, like Polly Morgan.
Claire Morgan uses taxidermy, and sometimes untaxidermied dead animals in her work so demonstrate the innevitability of death upon us. Also to represent freedom, especially when using birds and ofen having them crash to the floor perhaps showing there will always be something in our way or to bring us down.
Polly Morgan was first a taxidermist then an artist creating work from the aninlas she taxidermied.
She has created some beautiful pieces, such as the blue tit in the glass case below, looking so piecful in its eternal rest upon a book.
Both use the taxidermy in a very different way to Angela Singer, but still, the use of the dead animal is still the prominent part in their work and the different ways they have each used them is what has interested me in them.

Claire Morgan Fantastic Mr Fox

Claire Morgan Captive

Polly Morgan Blue Tit

Polly Morgan Morning

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