Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I have been thinking of ways in which I could possible dispaly this peice for the end of year assessment show.
Depending on how many eggs i decide to use, and whether I use whole eggs, or the egg shell pieces, or both, I want to try and contain them in a small cage like structure, or something that is the size of the space one caged hen gets to live in. Very relevent sizing I think.
So I have to come up with how i will display these eggs in the space of less than an A4 sheet of paper. Exact measurments vary for the size of the space each bird has but on average its about 3/4 the size of A4.
So Im thinking wire base perhaps, as this is what they live on. Im not sure how the eggs will stay on this so perhaps a small shelf the same size to put the eggs on....

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