Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Flying Kites in Glossop

I say flying, but for me it didnt really go that way...
I made my diamond kite from clear plastic, with a frame made from wire and sticks. And thats where it all went wrong...
I thought a diamond shape kite was a safe way to go and my stick frame re-inforces with wire and cable ties, how could it not fly... even just a little bit..?
It turns out that sticks don't hold up to well in a big gust of wind. As soon as I stepped off the coach in Manchester from Liverpool, before I even got on the coach to Glossop, it was broken.
I tried to mend it best I could with some wire I had in my bag and was hopeful it would hold.
When we got to Glossop we had some breakfast, and egg roll, and then headed up the kill to fly the kites.

Trying to be optimistic,Ii attempted to fly my little broken kite but it was no use.

My little failure of a kite...

So I whipped out my back up plan...
I wasnt going to fly a kite, I was going to kite a fly.
Result!.... kind of.

My fly on a string, blowing in the wind... (this fly died of natural causes)

Flying high above the hills...

Some more successful kites of the day.

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