Monday, 29 November 2010

A few gigs...

Ive been to a couple of gigs the last few weeks, much better than going to a club with rubbish music!!
I went to see Imogen Heap, who i saw at Glastonbury this year, but seeing her at the o2 Academy in Liverpool was just fantastic. She truly is amazing, and her music can be so inspiring... she creates some really awesome sounds!

Another band i went to see was Young Blood Brass Band at Band on the Wall in Manchester. A fantastic hip-hop brass band, great to have a boogie to!

Mary Greg

So a belated update on the Mary Greg Project. After visiting Platt Hall, looking through the collection and around the spaces Platt Hall offers i was able to start planning what i can create for an exhibition there in 2012.
Some things found while rooting through the collection...

Original note cards documenting the items in the collection...

One of the spaces that i could perhaps use, under the stairs... also could use the alcoves of the stair case or the window in the middle of the stairs...

There were loads of interesting things see in the collection and to use as inspiration to create something to display, many spaces to use, all totally different, and will need to consider who will be viewing the exhibition...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Liverpool Biennial

Spending a day wondering around Liverpool, somewhere i thought i knew quite a lot about now, made me aware there was a lot i had yet to discover! Following the Biennial map around town i started at the Walker Art Gallery viewing the John Moores Painting Prize. There were some interesting paintings exhibited, one of which was by George Sherlock 'Polycrylic Decades' 2009. This was acrylic paint onto polythene, creating a very textured, abstract painting.
I then headed to the Visitors Centre where i was first confronted with some VERY bizzar videos!
From here i went to FACT to see the documentation on the one year performance piece by Teching Hsich. From the 11 April 1980 to the 11t April 1981 the artist took a photograph of him self every hour every single day of the year, only missing out a few photographs.

Wondering around town, trying to find this suspended building...

Being let into the small chapel next to the Anglican Cathedral enabled me to get a decent picture of Tracey Emins 'The Roman Standard' before heading inside to see 'The Temple of a Thousand Bells' by Laura Belem. This piece was very calming and tranquil, with dull lighting, mostly from the natural light which i assume would changed due to the weather, creating different effects. Also there was sound with this piece, sounds of the glass bells and readings in a male voice.

The last place i visited was A Foundation to see the performance piece by Sachiko Abe, 'Cut Paper'. This was by far my favorite piece of the day, mainly because i am very interested in the delicateness of paper, and here she has cut countless sheets of paper so fine they have taken on a totally different form to the original piece of paper. from where she was sat above the ground, she was create in a continuous waterfall of paper, the displaying it across the large space, rising up to a point in the middle of the room.
There were other works by Abe, clouds of cut paper in a tiny box room, fall above your head of you walk in, an drawings by the artist also.