Sunday, 24 April 2011

Egg Shells

So I dont have any taxidermy to use, and it looks like it could be quite difficult to get hold of without spending alot of time or money!
Ive had a go at using egg shells following my egg box idea from the Time Line exhibition.
Similar to Angela Singer I have tried using beads and jewels to line the inside of the egg shells in an attempt to portray a smiliar message about the cruelty to animals but particulally within the intensvie farming industry, starting with caged hens.
I think this is an industry very easily over-looked by the majority of the worlds population, only seeing what is on their plate and having no idea or now care as the where it was come from and the welfare of the animals that were used to porduce this for them.
So with this project i want to try and provoke some kind of concern for producion of eggs, and the contrast of the sparkling jewels will hopfully be recognised as an great contrast to the extremely grim conditions these chickens live in for the mass production of egss for humans.

I began using only red beads, but because they are all the same size they ended up in creating quite straight edged shapes, a bit too organised.

I got hold of some jewels and much prefered this effect, the different colours and sizes.

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