Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Starting on another project

Whilst the Mary Greg project will be on going i am going to start on another project focusing on a theme of 'flight'. Loosely based on the Glossop project, which i ill be making a flying machine for, i will be also be looking at birds and flight. This all stems from a hobby, previously mentioned below, of bird ringing, enabling me to get close up first hand images on birds and their wings. I have started by creating a few very quick sketches of birds in flight from a trip to Portugal this summer and will be particularly be looking at the shape of the wings of different types of birds. initially i will be working towards the idea of recreating the wings of different birds, so different shapes and sizes, and i will try to create these in various materials, and they will be life size. this means tiny tiny wings of a Goldcrest to much larger wings of a Stalk...


I will be focusing on this project while Mary Greg will be second in line for a while.

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