Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Making Wings

So i have started experimenting with a few different ways o making wings. I want them to be as realistic a possibly, and life size, but don't want use realistic materials to make them, such as feathers, so i have start of using paper.
I have drawn out he shape and size of a feather and cut it out so i had the basic outline. I then scored into it to create something resembling a feather and made a few of these at different sizes.

I did the same thing with a whole wing shape and scored out each individual feather so i was looking like the wing was made up of many feathers (and hopefully not just a big mess of scratchings...)

I tried this a few times with different shaped wings...

I am quite pleased with these, although i think if i try some on thicker card the patterns of the feathers might be more obvious.

1 comment:

  1. These are starting to look interesting..remember what Carla said this morning about experimenting and looking out for happy accidents...scratching the feathers into the card looks great..what would happen if you layered different thicknesses of paper and tissue?
    The individual feathers could look amazing in quantity