Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pin Cushions

So i have started making some pin cushions to start off my own collection of 'pin cushions in objects'.
Some small experiments begin with, just using some plain white material to practice way in which to actually make the pin cushions:
I have just cut out a circle of fabric, hand sewed running stitch around the edge and pulled the thread to is gathered together. I have stuffed the round shape with filling and then pulled the thread tightly closed and knotted in place so the filling doesn't fall out and the shape is nice and round. I then cut another small circle of fabric to sew around the small opening to neaten up the bottom of the pin cushion.
I have also gone to a fabric shop and bough a few scrap pieces of material in the kinda of old style i want to make the final pin cushions from. Ideally I will also be collecting the fabric from places where they have been previously used, carrying a story with them also. I so not want to use brand new fabric as this wont have the history to I that is important in this project.
A few more experiments with some small found objects to put the pin cushions in, and using the pins to write in the quotes I found in the letters:

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