Wednesday, 12 January 2011


After doing a short presentation to a few class members to demonstrate our ideas, we had to do a 10 minute presentation to Liz from Platt Hall to explain our plans for the exhibition in Platt Hall 2012.
We set up a small 'work in progress' exhibition in the Link Gallery, each with our own space to display our work. My proposal to Liz went well, explaining my ideas about producing my own collection based on the collection of Mary Greg, involving old objects and materials inspired by what i had found on my trip to Platt Hall. I explained that this items on display were really just experiments of what i would create and that this would be on-going until the time of the exhibition so my collection could continuously be growing, as was Mary Greg's.

Work displyed in the Link Gallery.
Pin cushions in objects; glass jar, tin, shells, bottle top.

Quotes from the letters in pins.

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