Thursday, 7 October 2010

Summer Game Project

When i received the brief for the summer project i was quite stuck for ideas for what i wanted to do. I knew i wanted to include an interest of mine, which is birds and bird ringing, but was having difficulties trying to decide how i could go about this. After much thought, and ideas of an active game, a memory game etc, i decided to create a board game. I knew because of the subject i had chosen the game had to be educational as i was not expecting people to know or understand what bird ringing actually was. I figured choosing a board game to might be the best way of getting this across. So one Saturday, when we were sitting in the woods catching some birds, i started jotting down some ideas for my game. With some input from my other half i came up with a plan to create an educational board game about bird ringing. I wanted to include aspects of ringing such as how its actually done, setting nets, ringing and taking measurements etc. Also including some good and bad points of it, catching foreign controls and new species as pros and getting pooed on and pecked with VERY sharp beaks as cons. Long story short, i created my board game with all these things and was very pleased with the end result. I was also pleased that i was able to use all my own photographs to include in the game, a way of showing that this is where I've been and what i have done.

So when it came to playing the game on our first day, i thought it might take a little while to get through, because i hadn't had time for a test run so i wasn't too sure. Anyway, it didn't take long to get through, but from the feedback i got it was an inventive game and was enjoyed by the players. I hope it was a little educational for the people involved, but if not it was still something a bit different, and i enjoyed explaining a little about what each square meant and what bird ringing is to my group.

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  1. And we get to find out about your bird ringing activities..which birds do you ring?