Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Party! Party! Project

So the first group project was to be grouped up with some of the 2nd year Interactive Art students to have a party! We were given a theme, our group being a party with dysfunctional guests. An interesting theme, something we had to have a little think about. We decided we would have a bit of a story line, being a totally dysfunctional family throwing a Christmas party...that inevitably goes completely wrong.
We assigned different tasks to everyone, to collect decorations and dysfunctional (broken) furniture to fill our space with.
We managed to gather quite a few odd bits to create our party, with a very lovely member of the group bringing in homemade party cakes and biscuits.
We decorated our party space...

and it turned out to be rather dysfunctional! (and just abit of a mess)

It was fun to create but we couldnt really fit in our space! Anyway, after everyone had decorated their spaces,we had a few introductory words about each one and then let the parties commence.

It was agood way to get to know the 2nd years, and the rest of the 1st years for that matter. I felt, in my group, everyone had an input towards the ideas and eveyone was heard.

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