Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Another group project for the 3rd week was to create a sweded version of a movie we were given. My group was given 'Eraserhead', a film i had not heard of, but wJustify Fullas probably the best one we could have been given. We couldn't get the film out from the library because it was already on load so we squashed round a computer to watch YouTube clips of the film, but without sound as there were no speakers, which kind of made the clips even more creepy! We then decided on which parts of the film we were going to recreate, and split up responsibilities of getting props etc.
I was in charge of getting a moving chicken an mutant baby... and not forgetting the jelly worms!
I had to go back to Liverpool on the Monday evening, and so on Tuesday morning, while waiting for the bus back to Manchester i thought i would me good use of my time by making a start on the mutant baby. While getting quite a few odd looks from fellow passengers, i managed to create my mutant baby and chicken look-a-like from a few sheets of scrunched up newspaper and tights, putting on the finishing touches when getting into uni ready for filming.

Chicken(ish thing)

Mutant (porridge) baby

So after just managing to film all the scenes before the battery ran out at the end of the day, we moved onto the editing suit on the Thursday. We had a play around with the software and managed to produce our sweded film.
For the sound we decided not to use any speech, and we were no going to have any sound until we were messing around with the sound from he title scene with the rubber. We slowed the sound down and realised i fitted in really well with the film and so repeated it once through the film and just used that. Due to the slowed sounds in the clip it ended up sounding quite freaky and so it was perfect!

This was the end result, that we were all rather pleased with...


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