Thursday, 31 March 2011

Timeline in the Link

Asked to produce an image of the past, present or future, from 1980-future.I struggled with this for a little while, as there is so much i could put up... personal memories, world wide events... etc.
And I cant quite remember where the idea sparked from but then i realised what is an important date or me in 2012.

The banning of intensively farmed eggs....hopefully! Although this isnt quite true, its a supposidly when condition will become better, more space for the chickens with perches and nests. But will still be caged hens for our bargain driven country.

So i thought about doing a small illustration representing this, and then figured my message might be more understood, or perhaps not, by using an egg box lid (free-range of course) and stuck it on the timeline where i figure January 2012 would be.

Now we just have to hope it actually happens!

My little egg box...

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